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Trusted Hybrid Network, Enhanced Security & Privacy, Suite of Decentralised Applications

Enterprise-grade decentralised applications (Dapps) that facilitate workflows for a network of verified enterprises and individuals.

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Authenticity of documents & Legitimacy of business individuals
These are two challenges that many businesses continue to face

In Kentro, we strive to mitigate both risks through the introduction of

a secured permissioned network where verified participants transact


share information privately through encrypted records on distributed ledgers

One Network, Multiple Dapps.



All documents and information on the network are immutable with transparent end-to-end document trail



With signed and authenticated business documents stored on the Kentro network, businesses can access and manage all their documents between applications easily.

Trust & Privacy

Trust & Privacy

With a permissioned blockchain framework, only verified and relevant network members can have access, ensuring that data are shared to the right parties

In just a few steps.

01. Launch Kentro

02. Login with credentials

03. Access different applications

04. Start using!

Applications on Kentro.

Kentro is specifically designed to accommodate both enterprise and individual users. Kentro currently offers four enterprise solutions (Atlas Elite, Kentro Sign, Midas, Topaz) that are in various industries (including trade finance, construction and insurance industry)


Kentro is specifically designed to accommodate both enterprise and individual users. Kentro currently offers three enterprise solutions (Atlas Elite, Midas, Topaz) that are in the trade finance, construction and insurance industry respectively. To find out how enterprises can utilise these applications in their daily work processes, click here.

Should there be other business workflows that fall outside of the above applications, building new decentralised applications would be another solution to explore with us. Please reach out to our sales team for more enquiries.

Upon registration, users will have direct access to Kentro Sign where they will be able to utilise the signing and authentication services for their individual or business purposes. Click here to find out more on Kentro Sign. applications on Kentro will have to be subscribed upon request. Please reach out to our sales team for more enquiries. 

For any interest in Kentro, please leave us a contact and our sales team will reach out to you shortly. 

Kentro aims to be the network where businesses and individuals can interact with private and public decentralised applications (Dapps). Identity verification (in different tiers) will be required to different groups of users to ensure that the appropriate amount of privacy is adhered to in different business settings. It will be an ecosystem where every transactions and documents will be recorded onto the chain, thereby providing the right amount of transparency and authenticity.

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